Fresh ‘Deceptions of lies P’ Gameplay Trailer Unveiled before Gamescom [Watch Now]

Fresh 'Deceptions of P' Gameplay Trailer Unveiled before Gamescom [Watch Now]

As Gamescom gears up for its much-anticipated launch this week, NEOWIZ is extending its affection to devoted Lies of P enthusiasts with an all-new gameplay trailer in advance of the event.

Fresh 'Deceptions of P' Gameplay Trailer Unveiled before Gamescom [Watch Now]

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This recently unveiled gameplay preview, bearing the title “How Many Lies?”, offers players yet another window into the intricacies of combat, the immersive environments, and, of course, the diverse array of adversaries within the world of Lies of P, poised to challenge them on their odyssey. Concurrently, an enigmatic voice poses a series of probing questions that resonate with the overarching narrative themes of the game.


For those who have yet to do so, fans are now welcome to place their pre-orders for Lies of P, reaping the rewards of exclusive incentives. Opting for the digital standard edition pre-order yields the coveted “Mischievous Puppet’s Set” ensemble. Conversely, the deluxe edition raises the stakes by incorporating the distinguished “Great Venigni’s Set” attire, a distinct mask, and an added advantage of early game access, permitting players to embark on their journey three days before the official launch.

Simultaneously, the physical version boasts an exclusive SteelBook-inspired collector’s box, embellished with a tome-like aesthetic, accompanied by a lavish 92-page artbook. Supplementary digital bonuses encompass the original soundtrack, alongside “The Great Venigni’s Set” outfit and its corresponding unique mask. Notably, a physical standard edition is also made available to cater to diverse preferences.

Fresh 'Deceptions of lies P' Gameplay Trailer Unveiled before Gamescom [Watch Now

Drawing inspiration from the timeless narrative of Pinocchio, Lies of P is skillfully situated within the eerie and Belle Époque-infused city of Krat. Once a haven of beauty, Krat has metamorphosed into a realm of dread as lethal puppets roam freely and an unforgiving plague courses through the land. The protagonist, P, embodies a puppet destined to navigate this ominous urban expanse, driven by an unwavering quest to locate Geppetto and, at last, attain human form.

The highly anticipated arrival of Lies of P is marked for September 19th, en route to PC via Steam, as well as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series platforms. Notably, the accessible demo for PC and consoles continues to be at players’ disposal, showcasing a glimpse of the experience that awaits.

Fresh 'Deceptions of lies P' Gameplay Trailer Unveiled before Gamescom [Watch Now

Is Lies of P going to be multiplayer
At its initial launch, Lies of P will exclusively offer a single-player experience, devoid of any multiplayer functionality. While the possibility of introducing multiplayer features in the future remains open, the game’s current iteration is centered solely around delivering a captivating single-player adventure.

What is the lie system in the Lies of P
The Lie System within Lies of P serves as a complex mechanism that internally impacts Pinocchio’s constitution in response to his acts of deception. In the recently unveiled demo, players were granted the opportunity to immerse themselves in this very system, gaining firsthand insight into its workings and implications.

Is Lies of P inspired by bloodborne?
Beyond its art direction and the tonal atmosphere that promptly conjure memories of the blood-drenched lanes of Yharnam, Lies of P boldly dons its Bloodborne inspirations through its encounter design and distinct favor for dynamic combat over passive stances.

What engine was Lies of P made in?
This might catch some off guard, especially with the advent of Unreal Engine 5. Titles such as the recently launched Remnant 2 and the forthcoming Lords of the Fallen have already adopted the Epic Games engine

Is Way Out a 2 player game?
A Way Out lacks a single-player mode; it can be played exclusively through local or online split-screen co-op involving two players.

Who is the main character in the Lies of P game?
Lies of P employs a third-person perspective, placing players in control of the humanoid Pinocchio. As they traverse the city of Krat on foot, they embark on exploratory journeys through the environment while engaging in combat against an array of biomechanical adversaries.

Is Lies of P difficult?
Lies of P introduces a series of subtle gameplay adjustments aimed at mitigating the difficulty level. Although the standard enemies within the game pose relatively manageable challenges, the boss battles within Lies of P remain notably demanding. Despite their formidable nature, the game incorporates a range of beneficial new features intended to aid the player during these encounters

Can you customize your character in Lies of P?
In spite of the notable lack of an extensive character creation aspect, Lies of P adeptly circumvents any perception of inadequate customization choices. The game introduces an array of six distinct statistics that players can enhance through gradual progression, adhering to the well-recognized Soulslike method of harnessing resources acquired from triumphing over adversaries within the city, ensuring an experience free of plagiarism.

What is the concept of lies?
An individual, let’s call them S, engages in the act of lying if and only if: 1. S articulates a statement x that is untrue, 2. S holds the belief that x is not true or likely not true (or, in an alternative phrasing, S does not hold the belief that x is true), and 3. S’s intention behind stating x is to deceive another individual (by conveying x, S aims to induce false beliefs in the other person

Is there any Romance in Bloodborne?
The Dark Souls series by fromSoftware is renowned for its challenging learning curve, a characteristic also inherent in its spiritual successor, Bloodborne. Despite these games placing less emphasis on dialogic choices and relationship evolution, they still exhibit a distinctive brand of romance, each in their own individualistic manner.

Why is Bloodborne so loved?
In essence, Bloodborne builds upon the foundation of the Souls games and elevates it. The gameplay is swifter, more assertive, and centers on delving into psychological, gothic, and cosmic horror realms, a focus unparalleled in the series.

Why is Bloodborne a masterpiece?
While the other games certainly hold their own merit, it was in “Bloodborne” where FromSoftware truly made significant strides in their gameplay. This title takes the challenging gameplay blueprint from “Dark Souls” and enhances it by accelerating combat pace and furnishing players with a higher caliber of tools for combat.

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